Monster Truck : Podzilla

‘Podzilla’ is based on a Chevy K1500 truck with a 427ci talldeck Chevy motor upped to 500ci, that works out to around 8.2 litres. The blown and injected motor produces some 1350bhp on methanol that propels the five ton monster to speeds of 65mph and 0 to 60mph is reached within 6 seconds.

Those huge wheels and tyres measure 66 inches (165cm) diameter and are 43 inches (109cm) wide. Cost? A mere £1800 apiece!

The driver of Podzilla is Drew Thornton who has driven Monster Trucks professionally across Europe for over five years, coming 3rd in the European Monster Truck Championships in 2006 before retiring. Santa Pod Raceway has pulled Drew out of retirement and asked him to drive their machine as an exhibition vehicle and he’s accepted the challenge!

Podzilla was the first UK built racing Monster Truck, built by Tim Barks and was the first truck in the UK to be MTRA certified for race use. Podzilla is powered by an 8 litre methanol off shore power boat spec engine and does only 70 yards to the gallon at speed! Podzilla has 1350 horse power and 1000ft pounds of torque including a three speed sequential t.c.i. gearbox. With light weight wheels & shaved tyres this helps to reduce the overall weight by a quarter of a ton. This beast has single shock absorbers with oversized rods filled with Nitrogen and there is 450ft of CDS tube in the chassis.

© Copyright Rampix Photography
© Copyright Rampix Photography


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