Ever been licked by a feral horse? – Wild horses of the Namib

Rampix Photography


There is still a debate about their origins but these feral horses are a must see if you ever go to Namibia. Living in the desert where no horse is ever expected to survive makes them unique and to be among them is priceless.

They adapt their daily routine around the availability of food and water but it is a harsh environment to survive in and Misty was heartbroken by the dead foal being guarded by its parents. Until at sunset when it jumped up and went playing with the others… it was only resting and the mother was standing there to cast a shadow over her baby 🙂 🙂

If you read a bit more about them you will see that they had to seriously adapt to survive, so they recycle poop (yep after once pass through the digestive system the grass contains much more nutrients for…

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