The World at War

I have always been fascinated by WW2 and visiting Wrest Park for their annual World at War display was an excellent outing

Soldiers in period uniforms who know the subject matter like they have actually lived through it gave us excellent opportunities to ask questions about life during the world wars and also to see and even touch the actual weapons and gear. Reenactments  also allowed me to get some memorable photos of what it may have been like.

In this series we were walking through the woods and came across a German patrol who were captured by the Allies.

My Day with Sharon, doing lifestyle and boudoir photography

Exporting and Facebook compression

Now what i am about to share with you has probably been done to death but at least this time i trialled and errored all by myself. Traditionally I based my current export settings pretty much on a blog i read where the author was convincing enough using some impressive words. I never looked back because each time i do, i read another blog that tells me i am wrong. So how do i export my photos from Lightroom for use online?

Export settings

So why JPG and not PNG? Simples JPG is much smaller exports straight from Lightroom so its easier and i cannot see a difference😉

“Resolution 300!” you say “the interweb can only handle 72 you say.” Pah i say, it makes no difference in the file size whether you set it for 300 or 72.

72ppi vs 300ppi

In the comparison above using a tool called Beyond Compare you see the image exported at 72ppi compared to 300 ppi. Exactly the same and the screen in the middle shows zero difference between them and with zero i mean down to the byte which is really small.

And now eventually what i really wanted to show you is that the quality slider is there to put you at ease or lul you into a false sense of performance like having a volume dial marked from 0-11 as opposed to the normal 0-10. I started exporting the same file leaving all the settings the same except for the quality slider and this is where i noticed a strange thing. The file size appears to change in batches and the ones with the same size are exactly the same, in size, visually and even using a comparison tool. So i took our pup’s size 12 tongue as it has a lot of texture in it as a sample case.

The same photo exported grows from 398kb to 1858kb at 93%-100% which is more than 400% growth for no discernable difference in quality and there is a specific pattern of 8 increments in Quality % being exactly the same size


The numbers speak for themselves but we are talking about visuals after all so how much quality do you lose between 100% quality and 60% quality? You be the judge, tell me in the comments if you can spot the difference.the images below range from 60% to 100% quality

Boudoir with Katie

Lifestyle with Katie

Boudoir with Georgina ii


Boudoir with Georgina

Jaguar E Type

Ford Granada Mk1 and Mk2

1917 Ford Model T restored and then ruined

There are two things you can do to a classic car, restore it or hotrod it. I am not a purist and ok with both options but when you have a Classic Model T in original mechanical spec and you put silly stickers on it i struggle a bit.

Professional Photography – Milton Keynes

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